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The Eurocult "Coming Soon" Thread.

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Inspector Tanzi:
Use this thread to post whatever Eurocult dvd's and blu ray's are coming out, whatever the genre.

Coming soon from Wild East.

A Peter Lee Lawrence Double Bill.

Hands Up Dead man! Your Under Arrest and Revenge of the Resurrected

Valkoinen peura aka The White Reindeer (1952)

Artus (France) is releasing a new dvd of this next week with:

French/English/Spanish subs!

Not so soon but anyway.
March release of French magazine Les Années Laser has interview with the director of marketing from Paramount France who revealed that Once Upon a Time in the West will be released in France in June.
I have seen this in the post of member zemat at forum and it is confirmed elsewhere.


On Bluray?


--- Quote from: gnorthcott on 02 Mar 2011 - 16:39 ---
On Bluray?

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Yes, of course  :P .


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