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Mondo Macabro's 3rd surprise title for their Halloween sale (starting later today) is Paul Naschy's Panic Beats.

Vinegar Syndrome will release the third boxset in their Forgotten Gialli series later this month, with the titles:

-Autopsy / Macchie Solari (1974, Armando Crispino)
-Murder Mansion / La mansión de la niebla (Francisco Lara Polop, 1972)
-Crazy Desires Of a Murderer / I vizi morbosi di una governante (Filippo Walter Ratti, 1976)


Nucleus Films will release The Garden of Torment (Le jardin des supplices) on April 19th.

Special Features:
• Uncensored French Version
• Optional Subtitles + SDH
• Interview with Director Christian Gion
• Audio Commentary with Popular Culture Expert & Author David Flint
• Image Gallery
• Promo Trailer
• Reversible Sleeve

Here's a (NSFW) promo trailer:

Duccio Tessari's Puzzle (L'uomo Senza Memoria) is coming soon to Blu-Ray by an unlikely source, VCI, supposedly a 4k Restoration from a 35mm Archival Print.
Hopefully they won't mess up this release.  ;D

Special features:
* Commentary Track by Kat Ellinger, Editor-in-Chief of and DAUGHTERS OF DARKNESS Podcast Host
* Giallo Poster Gallery
* Liner Notes by Alexandra Heller-Nicholas, author of The Giallo Canvas: Art, Excess and Horror Cinema
* Italian and English Theatrical Trailers of Blood and Black Lace and The Bird With the Crystal Plumage

I thought Pupi Avati's Zeder had a thread already, but it seems it doesn't.  ;D

So, here it goes:

88 Films is releasing Zeder on Blu-Ray in the UK later this month, on April 25th.

Here are the specs for their release:

*Remastered 2K Transfer in 1.85:1 Aspect Ratio from the Original Negative
*2.0 English DTS-HD MA
*2.0 Italian DTS-HD MA with newly-translated English Subtitles
*Audio commentary with Kim Newman and Sean Hogan
*Audio commentary with Italian Genre experts Barry Forshaw and Eugenio Ercolani
*The Avati Brothers - An Interview with Antonio Avati
*Working with the Avati’s - An Interview with Gabriele Lavia
*Northern Gothic - An Interview with Pupi Avati
*Dressing Terror - An Interview with Steno Tonelli
*Original Italian Trailer
*Reversible sleeve with Classic Poster Artwork

The Limited Edition (3000 Units) will additionally include:

*Rigid Slipcase with New Artwork From Graham Humphreys
*40 Page Perfect Bound Book featuring "The Bolognese Dead -A Look Back At Pupi Avati’s Zeder" By Chloe Leigh Taylor, "Nuclear Faith: Science, Technology And Religion In Pupi Avati's Zeder" By Francesco Massaccesi, "Screen and Scream Again - Unearthing Pupi Avati’s Mesmerising Zombie Feature Zeder" (1983) by Andrew Graves
*A3 Double-sided Fold-out Poster


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