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Author Topic: Coffin From Hong Kong / Ein Sarg aus Hongkong (Manfred R. Köhler, 1964)  (Read 2643 times)

Inspector Tanzi

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Heinz Drache stars as Private Investigator Nelson Ryan who finds a dead lady in his office / London flat who has been shot with his gun, a wealthy man approaches him to find his missing son in Hong Kong, so he takes the job and uncovers a drug smuggling operation, a fair bit of Bond influence (but that's to be expected in these Eurospy type adventures), even echoing Dr.No with a scorpion (instead of a tarantula) in his bed.

Drache was pretty cool in this, reminded me of Bogart at times with that haircut and swanning around in that white suit.

For some reason two releases came out within months of each other in Germany, Ascot Elite released it in September 2014, according to amazon info only has German and French language versions on it, and Filmjewelen released in on December 2014, with German and English language options.

I took a calculated risk buying the Filmjewelen Blu Ray as it didn't show what language options were on it on amazon but the DVD release said it had English on it.

I've not idea visually or footagewise of any differences between the two, the filmjuwelen one says Director's Cut on it.


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Thanks for the info (the two releases are indeed confusing). I'll have to add it to my next order!
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