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Author Topic: La stagione dei sensi (Massimo Franciosa, 1969)  (Read 10129 times)


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Re: La stagione dei sensi (Massimo Franciosa, 1969)
« Reply #15 on: 17 Jan 2011 - 08:25 »

What is not amazing is that those Mediaset guys stupidly think they can legitimately cut and reduce the movie prints for their own commercial purposes, as if their huge movies library was made by goods available to manipulative modification at their own will, in spite of any respect for an author's status. They did that for a lot of movies, I can remember for example the curious case of Tenebre by D. Argento where all the cruel sequences about Veronica Lario's killing were accurately removed during the TV broadcasting on the Mediaset channels when that lady was still mr Berlusconi's wife. Maybe our premier would like to restore the original uncut print now that he's at daggers drawn with Veronica who has asked for a divorce  :-\
What about the commercial breaks/ads on that fresh and nice looking Iris broadcast? I don't understand their absurd policy: sometimes you have the ads during the first and the second half, sometimes during the movie  >:(
I guess the movie is not uncut unfortunately, the Rete4 broadcast was cut, for what then?! Absolute madness!  :-[


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Re: La stagione dei sensi (Massimo Franciosa, 1969)
« Reply #16 on: 22 Aug 2011 - 12:20 »

Does this movie ever get an englisch audio-track? Or an german-track? Or is there only the italian track?
I couldn't find informations about this... But I think it's an german production, too, right? But I think it doesn't run in german cinemas. So...

I'm looking forward to see this movie some day. Udo Kier is the man  ;)



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Re: La stagione dei sensi (Massimo Franciosa, 1969)
« Reply #17 on: 30 Aug 2011 - 08:00 »

@Stephen Grimes: Is it posible to get an copy of your TV-recording?
I will not find any copy of this movie... I'm searching for a long time. The language doesn't matter.

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