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Author Topic: Albino / Der flüsternde Tod / Night of the Askari (Jürgen Goslar, 1976)  (Read 2876 times)


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Has anyone seen this adventure/crime/horror hybrid? I had never even heard about this film until a few weeks ago, which came as quite a surprise to me since it features a cast of well-known genre faces. Horst Frank (as the titular albino  :-* ) takes on, amongst others, Christopher Lee, James Faulkner, Erik Schumann and Sybil Danning in a rape&revenge story about a brutal terrorist on the loose in Rhodesia. And no, it's not Sir Christopher Lee who gets raped! The script is based on a novel written by Daniel Carney in 1969, who hit it big with WILD GEESE years later. A nice review can be found on this blog, which also has some American VHS artwork on display that accentuates the more horrific aspects of the film.


Now for the fun part: Koch Media have hinted at an upcoming dvd edition that will include (archival) interviews with director Jürgen Goslar, director of photography Wolfgang Treu and actors Horst Frank and Erik Schumann. To anyone who has seen it: Is this an overlooked gem we should be all looking forward to?
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