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Author Topic: (EROTIC) Quella strana voglia d'amare (Mario Imperoli, 1977)  (Read 4490 times)

Snake Plissken

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Hello guys! I've discovered this movie while reading an old (1993) and rare Italian book about Italian erotic cinema, titled "Malizie perverse" (which, by the way I reccomend to everyone interested in the subject, it's very well written and exaustive).

This movie is the last that Imperoli shot, shortly before his own death, and it should deal with a morbid tale of brother-sister incest and a vengeful love triangle set in an old decadent mansion in Rome. The title in English would sound as "that strange desire to love".
Margheriti helped writing it and should even act in it.
The movie seems to be very atmospheric, with very few characters.
The two female hotties that stars in it (and are rivals in love) are Beba Loncar and Marina Giordana...the latter had got a very short career and enter in the world of cinema because she posed for some Italian sleaze magazines, like Playmen.

This is what I know about the movie. Has anyone of you saw it? It's quite hard to find informations about it on the net. Also, because of the decadent and morbid atmosphere that oozes through what I read about the movie, I would be very curious to see it (but, for this, I'm opening a new topic in the wanted section of the forum).



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I have this film on DVD-R from an Italian VHS.  I really enjoyed it but wish it had subtitles! 

Honestly, it is a very morbid and depressing film but not graphic.  I first read about it in a reference magazine, as well. 

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