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The Secret of Seagull Island UK VHS

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I'm looking for a 1st gen VHS>DVDR of 'The Secret of Seagull Island' - I'm looking for a clean copy from the original Precision (UK) release from the early 1980s.

Failing that, I'd like a copy of the US 'Sundowner' release - again 1st gen VHS>DVDR

Any help would be appreciated, I already have the Greek VHS but I'm looking for a copy without embedded subs.

I'm pretty sure I have one, I'm away until Monday though if you can wait?

Cheers Jonny, and no rush - I'm watching the miniseries now on Youtube and I'm curious to see how it compares. I'm enjoying it so far (I'm up to ep3) Was surprised to see Mr. Holmes himself Jeremy Brett in quite a major role. 

Does anyone know if there's an English language copy of the miniseries anywhere? From what I can figure out it played once on UK TV some time in 1981 or 1982 and never again... The chances of finding a recording are slim to none, I'm guessing.

I'll send you a message later next week, and thanks again  ::)

If anyone wants to check it out, here's a link to a decent quality copy of the Italian language version which was recently uploaded. (all the previous copies that had surfaced weren't in very good shape - this one's okay)

Sceneggiato Rai 1982 L'Isola del gabbiano di Nestore Ungaro 1^di5

Click on the guy's Youtube account to find the other four episodes.

I've got a copy from a member here but I'm afraid it's not a 1st generation VHS transfer:
runtime 103'24"

Thanks Quidtum, it looks good - but it's obviously hard to tell from screenshots. How certain are you it's not from an original VHS tape? It looks like it could be to me.

If Jonny has the Precision tape, I'd prefer a copy from that. I'm just thinking about conservation here more than anything - it's better to get the best version available. (Please note, this is just for personal use...)


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