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the blob:
Seeing as Marc hasn't mentioned anything here, I'm looking forward to checking this out soon. 28TH June according to the site.

Shot in the sleepy suburban Orpington, the story concerns two less-than-professional criminals, Ron (Derren Nesbitt - The Man In The Back Seat, Strongroom, Burke And Hare, Where Eagles Dare, Special Branch) and The Boy (Alan Guy) who hold a family prisoner in their home whilst their colleagues simultaneously raid a local bank managed by the father (James Kerry- Killer's Moon, Raven, Out Of The Unknown, Blakes Seven, Triangle). Of course, being a British crime film, something has to go wrong, and with one teller (Gene Foad- Dickens Of London) dead, and the aforementioned accomplices having "done one" with the loot, our hapless duo soon find themselves in a lose-lose situation with half the Bromley constabulary in attendance...

Tense and claustrophobic but with a setting straight out of a TV sitcom, GIVE US TOMORROW was originally withheld for legal reasons (see booklet) from proper distribution or theatrical release. Original VHS releases are extremely scarce: therefore, the arrival of this long-awaited, remastered and uncut disc is cause for celebration among cult collectors everywhere.

ALSO.... this in August!

1.66:1 no less. I actually ended up moving on my hardbox not long ago because of that 'Not for sale in blah blah' watermark so I'll be having one of these.  ::)

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