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Author Topic: Five Dolls for an August Moon (Sync Issue)  (Read 9345 times)

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Re: Five Dolls for an August Moon (Sync Issue)
« Reply #15 on: 11 Mar 2016 - 18:06 »

So Arrow knows but doesn't care. 
Very odd as Kino got a version with sync sound, and it would make sense Arrow got the very same source.  Someone at Bluray mention that the Arrow English track has been de noised and is cleaner than the one found on the Kino BD, cleaning up the pops and crackles may be how Arrow went astray.  Something doesn't add up here.
Their take on the issue:( replying to an email alerting them to the problem )
"Indeed there's a section that appears out of sync after the hour mark. This is how the master was delivered to us.

We've queried this issue many times and were made aware that the ADR was as is. I understand your frustration as it sometimes goes beyond the usual bad Italian ADR we're all used to but I can assure you there was nothing we could have done to fix that section without butchering the rest of the track.

We had lengthy talks regarding this matter - amongst ourselves and with the master's supplier - debating what should be done and eventually decided to leave it as it was delivered. All in all this was the best option we could go for."

Doesn't surprise me in the least.

Anyway, I'd also like to say that this issue should not tarnish Arrow's good reputation.
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