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Author Topic: Trailer compilations on Blu-ray  (Read 427 times)


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Trailer compilations on Blu-ray
« on: 17 Aug 2020 - 17:15 »

I'm a sucker for trailer compilations. :'(

There's something about those short reels of exciting bits and cool voice overs, put together to entice people (or, like many film trailers frequently did, to basically con them by misrepresenting the advertised film :-\), that really appeals to me.
Some feature alternate angles or footage. Some don't even feature a second of actual film footage, and are an entirely separate piece by itself!

The Blu-Ray format is great for these compilations, since it allows for not only better quality, but with more storage capacity the number of trailers included in some of these releases is simply staggering.

Here are some of the currently available trailer compilations:

Drive-In Delirium series (Umbrella Entertainment, Australia):

Drive-In Delirium: '60s and '70s Savagery

Drive-In Delirium: Maximum '80s Overdrive

Drive-In Delirium: The New Batch

Drive-In Delirium: With a Vengeance

Drive-In Delirium: Dead By Dawn


Trailer Trauma Series (Garagehouse Pictures, USA):
Trailer Trauma

Trailer Trauma 2: Drive-In Monsterama

Trailer Trauma 3: '80s Horror-Thon

Trailer Trauma 4: Television Trauma (TV spots)

Trailer Trauma V: 70s Action Attack


Kung Fu Trailers of Fury series (Severin, USA):

Kung Fu Trailers of Fury

Return of Kung Fu Trailers of Fury



Trailer War (Drafthouse Films, USA)

42nd Street Forever (Synapse Films, USA)

Exhumed Films: 20 Years of Terror (Exhumed Films, USA)

Trashploitation (SRS Cinema, USA)


Worth mentioning:

The Electric Boogaloo & Machete Maidens Unleashed! Blu-Ray (Umbrella Entertainment, Australia) includes nearly 2 hours of trailers for various Cannon films, and over 1 hour of various films shot in the Philippines.

The Not Quite Hollywood: The Wild, Untold Story of Ozploitation! Blu-Ray (Umbrella Entertainment, Australia) includes a trailer reel with a whooping 185 minutes of Ozploitation trailers.
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