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Hostages - 'Under Siege'/Traficantes de pánico (Rene Cardona jr, 1979)

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Watched this film this afternoon via 23rd Century's DVD, bought it for 50p and I guess I got what I paid for as regards image quality is concerned! Definitely mastered from a VHS tape, the picture is soft, rolls frequently and at one point looks like someone's playing with the tracking... Plus the sound went about 2 seconds out of sync about 30 minutes in and stayed like that for the rest of the duration. :-*


Shot in sunny Puerto Rico this concerns the plight of a ruthless gang of criminals who rob a casino and then split into small groups, each making separate getaway. Most of the gang are caught by the police, mainly because they're stupid and can't keep their cool in public insisting on spraying the surroundings with gunfire at the slightest hint of a policeman. One faction do make it to the suburbs but after their car breaks down they find they need to take shelter in the nearest house, which as usual has a family at home.

The usual home invasion scenario follows with the women of the house being leered at by the hostage takers, in this case some really old looking Mexicans who sweat a lot. Demands are given to the police, the women try to escape and as per usual the husband just sits in the corner telling everyone to be calm and do as they're asked.

Of course it all goes wrong and would you believe the film ends with Marisa Mell's character landing a small aircraft, being talked down by a policeman as she cannot fly planes...

Stuart Whitman gets top billing but is only seen sharing the screen with Hugo Stiglitz and that's inside an office, maybe those two filmed their scenes in a different country to the rest of the cast? Besides all Whitman does is say lines like "Cover all the escape routes!" or "What's the report so far?"

Not the best film ever made, not quite nasty enough to get into peoples top 10 home invasion movies, but diverting enough for 90 minutes. Does anyone know of any VHS releases, this version looked like it might be a cut version.

I've got a fullscreen NTSC DVDR of HOSTAGES sourced from some VHS.  Never watched it but I just gave it a quick spin and the run time is 94mins.


--- Quote from: Mart85 on 25 Aug 2007 - 17:58 ---I've got a fullscreen NTSC DVDR of HOSTAGES sourced from some VHS.  Never watched it but I just gave it a quick spin and the run time is 94mins.

--- End quote ---

Interesting, the one I have clocks in at around 90 minutes. I'm assuming it's PAL.

Guess my DVDR is the same version then.

This one sounds kind of interesting. Jonny, have you seen Cardona's TREASURE OF THE AMAZON (1984)? Probably the best movie I've seen from the man. Stuart Whitman, Donald Pleasance, Stiglitz, Bradford Dillman, Pedro Armendariz Jr., John Ireland...great exploitation adventure with a bombastic score. Lots of gore, piranha attacks, a gory crab attack, headhunters, people hung by their tongues with meathooks, crocodiles, it's got it all.


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