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La scorta (Ricky Tognazzi, 1993)


I just got this film on the Blue-Underground label, it runs 95 min (PAL), is in 1.85:1 ratio and has Italian and English sound, plus English subtitles.
It also has a pounding score by Ennio Moricone.

The film is about a protection squad who has to protect a judge against the Sicilian mafia.
There is not a lot of action in the film but a lot of suspense, danger always lurks around every corner.
The films strength is how thorough the director is in portraying the characters and their every day life, therefore we get under their skin and feel the pain they feel in a very personal way.

Even though it’s not a crime film in the seventies style I would highly recommend it.


I watched this years ago, when Tartan released the UK VHS. It's a good film. I've got the Blue Underground DVD, but it remains unwatched  :D


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