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Defeat of the Mafia / Scacco alla mafia (Lorenzo Sabatini, 1970)


Had a tidy up yesterday and found a few DVD-R's that I'd forgotten I had one of them being a copy of this film I'd got from Luminous a couple of years ago. The copy I have is widescreen with what look like Dutch subtitles. I noticed recently that this had a UK pre-cert release on the AVO film (Fletcher) label, a stupidly rare release if I'm not mistaken which would no doubt command a few hundred pounds if one were to be found.

I've not watched it yet but will do soon. Anyone seen this? Any thoughts?

Pre-Cert info

Stephen Grimes:
I got a lbx copy of this from the Danish Filmlab tape a few weeks back,strange early entry about Rome's drug underworld that has a voiceover of the dead victim throughout.It stars Victor Spinetti,Pier Paolo Capponi and the always recognisable Luciano Pigozzi as a mafia boss confined to a wheelchair,there's also a surprising nude homosexual scene involving an overweight and very sinister gay artist which was unexpected esp. considering the year this was made.


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