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Author Topic: Forum rules and guidelines  (Read 16525 times)


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Forum rules and guidelines
« on: 01 Oct 2007 - 15:35 »

Please take a moment to read through this short set of rules and guidelines.

- Before posting any topic, please use the SEARCH feature to see if what you're going to say/ask has already been addressed somewhere.

- Open a different topic for each movie you want to discuss. No multiple discussion regarding different movies in the same thread are allowed. In the case of "BEST MOVIES TOP 10" threads and the like discussion of multiple movies is fine but for in-depth discussions regarding a single movie you should always open a specific thread (or see if there's already one).

- Please refrain from any political discussion, this usually ends up being messy.

- Racist, homophobic and xenophobic comments will not be tolerated and the moderating team reserve the right to remove any comments, posts or threads without warning that are deemed to contain such comments.

- "Warnings" and "Infractions" can lead to a temporary or definitive ban. Only Admin/Moderators can give you one of those, and if you don't understand why you got one I suggest to contact them and see what you did wrong.

- If you want to post images, please upload them to an external host like imageshack or photobucket beforehand. Remote linking from other websites is frowned upon and where detected will be edited out of posts..

- New members accounts are restricted in that the ability to send Private Messages is disabled until a post count of 25 has been reached. This is to prevent people joining up for the sole reason of contacting established members privately without any intention of joining the community. Spam posts made specifically to bump up new members post counts will be deleted by the moderation team.

A Guide to creating a thread about a specific film

Because we want a uniform look for all film-specific thread, here’s a brief style guide to the title each should be given.

While many of the films in question will undoubtedly have several different titles, please try and use the most commonly used English language and Italian names. Too many titles make the thread titles cumbersome, so two is the maximum – with the English, followed by Italian.

While all English language titles should have the first letter of each word capitalised, all other letters should be lower case. The Italian titles should have a capital letter leading the first world, but all subsequent words should be lower case.

The tiles should be separated with a forward slash (/) with a space at both sides. This should be followed by the director’s name and the year of production in brackets.

Here’s an example of the way each title should look:

Hitch-Hike / Autostop rosso sangue (Pasqaule Festa Campanile, 1977)

Thanks for your co-operation in this matter – this will keep the forums uniform and it makes threads easier to find.

Thanks for your time and enjoy the forums,

The Admin team
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