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The Devil's Men/Land Of The Minotaur (Kostas Karagiannis, 1976)

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Kevin Coed:
How they used to enjoy watching cartoons. And Chris would phone Pete and do impersonations of the characters and they'd both laugh like drains. 

I bought one of these off of eBay about a month ago, but it never turned up - I got a refund and hadn't bothered re-ordering. I must get around to doing it.

I've only ever seen the PG version and never liked this one. But then, that was years ago. I wouldn't mind seeing it again then if there is a stronger version out there. Chris Lee and Cushing were huge fans of WB cartoons and would bide their time doing the impersonations as you said, Kevin. Lee did this to keep Cushings spirits up on the set of HORROR EXPRESS as Cushing didn't want to do the film so soon after his wifes death what with the traveling.

Kevin Coed:

--- Quote from: Kevin Coed on 08 Oct 2007 - 14:55 ---Bob Belling, Jane Ryall and the old bird who gets pissed on are also in THE DEVIL'S MEN (aka LAND OF THE MINOTAUR). It's like an ISLAND OF DEATH reunion.

--- End quote ---

Brought this bit over from the ISLAND OF DEATH thread seeing as this is what kicked off the discussion in the first place.

I have the DD release, and I'm afraid I've never warmed to it.  In an historical sense it's probably interesting, but as a horror film it just didn't work for me first time around.  Probably due a revisit though.


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