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Author Topic: Nekromantik (Jorg Buttgereit, 1987)  (Read 3126 times)


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Nekromantik (Jorg Buttgereit, 1987)
« on: 16 Nov 2007 - 04:44 »

Check this nasty DVD box set out! They really went the extra mile on this one...


I can't bring myself to do an extensive review for this one. I first saw this back in 93 or 94 and it was everything I had read about and more. This was one of the most rented tapes in the video store in town. I was shocked they even carried it. Not long after the vid store put a sign below this and the sequel saying you had to be 18 to rent these two. I remember watching it with some friends. Some of them were repulsed out of their minds and others thought it was hilarious(!)

There'd been other films about necrophilia before but this one got WAY out of hand. The cat scene disturbed me to no end. The sex scenes with the rotted corpse accompanied by piano music was both disturbing and hauntingly photographed. The eyeball slurping bit was a riot as well as the guys girlfriend leaving him for the corpse(!) And that ending...words just simply can't do it justice. Never watched the sequel all the way through.

Director Buttgereit recently wrote a book on Japanese Giant Monster Movies(!) which has just been released.
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