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Revolver (Sergio Sollima, 1973)

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Oliver Reed, Fabio Testi

Vito Cipriani (Reed) is a violent prison warden whose wife is kidnapped. The abductors demand he release a prisoner, Milo Ruiz (Testi), if not, his wife dies. The big catch is that Milo has no idea who it is that wants him released from prison. Ultimately, a major conspiracy is revealed that reaches far beyond the criminal underworld. To say too much would reveal the many twists and turns the story takes not to mention a shocker of an ending.

Oliver Reed is in top form here displaying rage and at times emotionally drained in his attempts at getting his wife back. He goes a little overboard in some scenes but it fits within the parameters of his character. He, along with the finale, is easily the films most memorable aspect.

Fabio Testi turns in a fine performance as well, much better than usual. I find him to be an under-rated actor considering his good looks which seems to be the reason for his casting in other films but here, he gets to act and also displays some emotional moments particularly during the opening.

Director Sergio Sollima delivers probably his best film (of the few I've seen) aside from FACE TO FACE which this film shares the reversal of character motif from the western film. There are some intriguing cinematographical flourishes,  wonderful twists (especially the finale) and a good rapport between the two central leads. Of his four directed films I've seen (not counting the peplums he did) this is the best.

The musical score by Morricone is wonderful. Very beautiful and poetic during the opening and closing moments.

Although this movie is an Italian Crime film, it doesn't fall completely in the same category as the above enties. This movie is more of a suspense thriller sprinkled with an occassional action scene. Well worth your time and I can't believe I had this film for as long as I did and never watched it until now. The highest recommendation even if you've not seen any of Sollima's westerns.

Gary B.:
agreed, it's one of the best "euro crime" films ever, and features a great cast along with a near perfect soundtrack as well as the gripping storyline/character development that is shared in all of the Sollima films I've seen. 

Love that downer ending. I think I prefer shocking endings like this because they totally change your perception of how a film "is supposed" to end.

Stephen Grimes:
Does the soundtrack release have the song that's sung by Daniel Beretta featured on it?
It's the one where they're making a sort of pop video and he's walking around and singing with his guitar.

The Hunchback:
This is a great one ::)
Been looking to see Sollima's VIOLENT CITY ever since!


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