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Title: Fort Yuma Gold / Per pochi dollari ancora (Giorgio Ferroni, 1966)
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Guiliano Gemma, Dan Vadis, Nello Pazzafini

Gemma plays a captured Confederate Captain named Gary Hammond. He is hired by the commanding officer of the Union forces to escort two of his officers to Fort Yuma to warn them of an impending attack there by Hammonds own men who are being led by the villainous Major Sanders who has his own plans for the fort assault. Hammond is to thwart his former regiments attack to avoid a needless massacre and that's where Sanders plot comes in.

This being a Gemma movie you can already assume it's going to be good on some levels and this one doesn't disappoint. Given the US release title, I was expecting this to be a siege movie. As the film progresses, Gemma gets into all manner of situations and cliffhangers on his way to the fort. Through all this the title quickly becomes a misnomer but then I had to remember that the film is not really called FORT YUMA GOLD.

Gemma gets involved in an excellently staged bar fight early on that features some surprisingly good action and low key comedy. Carnimeo should have been paying attention here. He could have used some pointers on similar bits in his monotonously staged bar romps. There are a couple of the usual badly telegraphed fisticuffs prevalent in this genre but this is only a minor quibble.

There is also the threat of a gang of cutthroats led by Nelson Riggs (Vadis) who plan to obstruct the mission but actually become a front for the real villains of the piece. A young beauty named Connie Breastfull is there to propel the story a bit instead of just being eye candy. Her name seems to have been inspired by Honor Blackman's Pussy Galore from the Bond film. Gemma even has a similar one liner response. He also finds time amidst all the constant shenanigans to fall in love with Ms. Breastfull whom both end up saving each other over the course of the film.

Hammond gets tortured by Riggs played by Dan Vadis, who I would say steals the film away from the aristocratic villain Major Sanders. He is tied to the ground with two rocks placed on both sides of his head. He has clamps hold his eyes open in an attempt to make him disclose the whereabouts of the letter he is to deliver to Fort Yuma. Connie "saves" him by making Riggs believe she knows where the letter is hidden. Hammond, who may or may not be blind at this point, is taken away by Rigg's men where they taunt and torture him some more.

Hammond, feigning being blind, manages to stealthily snuff out at least three of Riggs' men before he is suspected. He manages to kill the others and take off yet again to try and stop his units attack on the fort. Once he meets up with them, he is accused of being a renegade and now suffers a possible execution should his story be false. It isn't and Hammond races off to stop the bad guys before they can go on with their plan to steal the gold out of Fort Yuma.

It was a pleasure to see Dan Vadis here as one of the villains. He's been a favorite of mine after first seeing him in TRIUMPH OF THE TEN GLADIATORS as a kid and then in TRIUMPH OF HERCULES aka HERCULES VS THE GIANT WARRIORS. He is also one of the Black Widows featured in the Clint Eastwood favorites EVERY WHICH WAY BUT LOOSE and ANY WHICH WAY YOU CAN. Vadis has much screen presence as well as being a decent actor. Even though he isn't supposed to be the main bad guy, he seems to have more screen time and does more with his role than the other antagonists.

Pazzafini gets to play a good guy for a change and it's a shame he didn't do more good guy roles. Maybe others have seen him as a hero more. I think he is also a hero in TODAY IT'S ME, TOMORROW YOU aka TODAY WE LIVE, TOMORROW WE DIE which had Tatsuya Nakadai as the villain.

The music by Morricone and Ferrio is fine although it sounds more like Morricone imitating himself more than anything else. How much of the actual score he contributed is unknown to me.

If you're a Gemma fan, you will definitely want this one in your collection. The WE disc, contrary to what they'll have you believe, is apparently sourced from the japanese dvd with the english dialog synced from another source. During the opening and closing credits, the soundtrack is very clear and pristine, but between those, the sound is muffled and not quite as clear.

It's not as good as PISTOL FOR RINGO, but if you enjoyed ONE SILVER DOLLAR or ADIOS GRINGO or even WANTED which is also directed by Giorgio Ferroni, you'll enjoy this one too.
Title: Re: Fort Yuma Gold/Per pochi dollari ancora (Giorgio Ferroni, 1966)
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I'm hampered by a crap print of FORT YUMA GOLD but its pretty good as i remember from one viewing.I've also got ONE SILVER DOLLAR  and WANTED to complete the trilogy but have seen neither. :(
Title: Re: Fort Yuma Gold/Per pochi dollari ancora (Giorgio Ferroni, 1966)
Post by: IL COMMISSARIO on 15 Jul 2007 - 16:09
Title: Re: Fort Yuma Gold/Per pochi dollari ancora (Giorgio Ferroni, 1966)
Post by: LANZETTA on 15 Jul 2007 - 16:36
Howard Hughes suggests that FORT YUMA GOLD is the best of the three.