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Title: I Came, I Saw, I Shot (Enzo Castellari, 1968)
Post by: LANZETTA on 15 Jul 2007 - 15:37
This comedy sw starts promisingly enough with Edwin Keen(Frank Wolff) impersonating a minister in order to plant a stack of bibles, containing dynamite with a timed mechanism, onto a stagecoach transporting $400,000 .But while on route the stagecoach is unexpectedly held-up by Moses(Antonio Sabato) who steals the mailbag with the dynamite in it ,but narrowly avoids being blown up.As the stagecoach reaches its Springwood Bank destination,a gambler Clay(John Saxon)  wins $130,000 on a poker table which he's told to collect from the bank,however Moses with Keens help  has broken into bank  and made off with the loot.
Predictable what follows are a series of epidodes in which the three protagonists tussle over the money through series of solo escapes,alliances,double crosses.At one point Moses's girlfriend Rosario(Agata Flori) pretends to be pregnant with the money bag and is nearly married off to Clay,but the movie badly runs out of puff halfway through  and after a band of Mexican bandits get a sniff of the loot,it all sadly degenerates into one massed slapstick punch-up after the other,together with irritating fairground music.
Very tiresome,one of Castellari's worst which i give 3 out of 10. ???