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Title: "Maple Syrup Porn": Canadian 70s softcore
Post by: bronxwarriors1990 on 25 Jun 2009 - 08:37
Anybody have any of these 70s Canadian softcore features?

Valerie (1968) and L'Initiation (1969) are possibly the best-known films of the period, and I'm hoping to have a DVD featuring both of these soon (Denis Héroux, who helmed BORN FOR HELL, directed them and a number of others).

Can anybody help with the following...

Deux Femmes en Or (1970)

L'Amour Humain (1970, AKA The Awakening, Virgin Lovers)

Love in a Four Letter World (1970, AKA Sex Isn't Sin, Viens, Mon Amour)

Apres-Ski (1971, AKA Sex in the Snow, Snowballin') I believe there's VHS-quality DVDs floating around of this, but are incomplete.

Loving and Laughing (1971, AKA The Hippie Girls)

Sept Fois ... (Par Jour) (1971)

I got this list from - a great site for anyone interested in these films.