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Title: Il Giovane Garibaldi (Franco Rossi, 1974)
Post by: Inspector Tanzi on 10 Jun 2011 - 21:47
Does anybody know if this was ever dubbed or subtitled in English?



...and what's with this cover?

Title: Re: Il Giovane Garibaldi (Franco Rossi, 1974)
Post by: DjangoLi on 03 Jul 2011 - 22:28
This was the mini-series that put Merli in the spotlight - The Merli doc on Weapons of Death, mentions how Marino Girolami (Enzo Castellari's old man) chose him because of his performance in this mini-series (and the fact that they could dye his hair blonde and get him to look like Franco Nero)

My father, born and raised on Morpeth/Blyth right up there by the north sea, is a staunch Garibaldi devotee (I can describe it any other way!) and he asked me to pick this up for him earlier in the year... Sadly, I don't think it was ever dubbed (and incredibly unlikely it was ever subbed) as it's just a tv mini-series produced for the local Italian market. He seemed to enjoy it but he's learnt Italian over the years... I suspect if you don't speak the language a lot of it will be lost on you - what little I saw of it seemed very 'talky'... Let's just say this is one of the few 70's productions where you won't see a J&B bottle ;D

If you just want a copy to check it out - shoot me a pm with your address and i'll send a copy to you- I'm due to make a trip to the post office later in the week.