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Title: Pink Eiga VOD
Post by: Ben Cobb on 21 Sep 2012 - 19:26
Pink Eiga have launched a new video-on-demand service... very pleased to see S&M Hunter Begins on offer, been keen to see this prequel for ages. Link here: (
Title: Re: Pink Eiga VOD
Post by: Mark (UK) on 21 Sep 2012 - 20:28
I've probably preferred Impulse Pictures' Nikkatsu Collection, but I did really like the first few Pink Eiga releases & depending on the price & quality of the downloads, I would definitely be interested.
Title: Re: Pink Eiga VOD
Post by: Luca Canali on 21 Sep 2012 - 20:50
Very interesting, thanks for the heads up Ben.

I've got quite a soft spot for these Pink films but they're almost impossible for me to watch while the wife's in the house! I've currently got around 100 unwatched Pink films in my pile which are getting watched at a rate of 1-2 per month..

I've been supporting the Impulse Pictures R1 Nikkatsu releases as well. I just hope they do get round to releasing all of the titles that they have planned and don't run out of steam or stop due to lack of sales.