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Cyberschizoid, Filmbar70 and Shock Horror Magazine celebrate Women In Horror Month with a special FEMALE PSYCHOS double bill at the Roxy Bar and Screen near London Bridge.

* Sunday 17th February @2pm
* Roxy Bar & Screen, Borough High Street, London Bridge
* Only £6 admission!
* FREE copies of SHOCK HORROR Magazine!
* Bar opens 1pm - food available!

The BBC2 horror double bills of the 1970s and 1980s are a distant, happy memory. Many classic horror films are now deemed suitable for family viewing, most are ripping yarns and have inspired other film-makers, artists, authors and generally enriched our lives.

Now you can recapture those halcyon days of the old BBC2 Saturday night horror double bills in a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere at one of London's premiere boutique cinema venues.

Buy tickets from - (

STRAIT-JACKET (1964) - a tour-de-force of high camp horror from William Castle starring Hollywood legend Joan Crawford.

FRIGHTMARE (1974) - A true British classic shocker from Pete Walker featuring Sheila Keith in one of her best performances.