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Title: L'Unione Sarda
Post by: DjangoLi on 14 Aug 2014 - 20:53
Last winter I subtitled a series of films dubbed 'Bandits in the Mountains' - films predominantly based in the rural parts of Italy. A number of them came from this collection here: (

It's a comprehensive collection of films shot in Sardinia, including Carlo Lizzani's 'Barbagia', Piero Livi's 'Pelle di Bandito' and Gianfranco Mingozzi 'Sequestro di Persona'.

The VHS collection (obviously) came out years ago in news stands in Sardinia, free with the newspaper L'Unione Sarda. They're still available and very cheap - If I'd known they were still in stock from the newspaper I'd have saved myself about 50 euros.

Earlier this year they released a smaller selection of films on DVD - the masters are still the same as the VHS releases but they've been re-transferred and do look better on DVD.

Here's a link to the DVD collection: (

They also have Marcello Fondati's excellent 'I Protagonisti' for sale.

Unfortunately, they're all Italian language only - no English subs/dub tracks - but I figured I'd still post this here in case anyone's looking for them - and the site is a bitch to navigate to actually locate the 'shop' part.

When I ordered the DVD's earlier this year I had to provide my tax code number, which is only available to Italians - if anyone needs any help from overseas, just shoot me a private message and I'll be happy to act as a middle man for free (just cover postage, that's all I ask)