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Title: An Englishman's Castle (Paul Ciappessoni, 1978)
Post by: Inspector Tanzi on 12 Oct 2015 - 22:30
Watched this today, easy enjoyable enough viewing, mini series starring Kenneth More and Isla Blair, uses Morricone's Chi Mai here and there through it and for the end credits.


An Englishman's Castle is a story is set in an alternate 1970's, on an Earth where Germany won WWII and has occupied England. Peter Ingram is a writer on a popular soap opera (also called "An Englishman's Castle) that is set in London during the Blitz. Ingram lives a quiet, boring life, deliberately oblivious to the subtle rule of the local Nazis. His eyes are opened when the woman he is involved with reveals that she is both a Jew and a member of the Underground. Will Peter help overthrow his country's oppressors?