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Title: I Racconti Del Maresciallo (Giovanni Soldati, 1984)
Post by: Inspector Tanzi on 07 Mar 2016 - 22:16
The second cycle of stories describes a country now turned, struggling with old and new pasticciacci nasty business, almost always linked to the god of money. Crimes and misdemeanors of a more or less organized crime, unmasked thanks to the intuition and investigative talent of Arnaudi Marshal. (Translated)

Anyone seen any of this series, there are Italian DVD's, I wonder if anyone had fansubbed any? Or was there a dub even?

Check out some of the people in it  Raymond Pellegrin, Renzo Palmer, Stefania Sandrelli, John Steiner, Lou Castel, Paulo Malco, Tom Felleghy.