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Title: WANTED: Texas Chainsaw Massacre 1974 SUPER8/BETA/V2000/VHS
Post by: splatter on 08 Oct 2016 - 06:27
Hi all, i'm searching for many diff releases of TCM74 but some are more interesting, such as:

Canada: All from Astral. both beta and vhs, vhs from Triangle.
USA: beta/vhs/Laser from Wizard
Spain: beta from Video Gala.
Japan: vhs from Cineasta, 2-dvd from CapCom, dvd from Daylight/Happinet. Blu-ray (Geneon)
Germany: vhs/v2000/beta from VPS, bootleg vhs (Motorsavsmassakern)
Australia: vhs from K-tel, 2-VHS from Force Video
UK: all kinds of Super 8 from Iver, "Certificate X" from Iver

Then if you have some odd versions from countries as Israel, Lebanon, South-Africa, Korea, Thai, Russia, China, Hungary, Poland, Portugal, Brazil.

Write to me with pics to