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Title: Eurocrime and Western VHS Sale
Post by: Farmer_J on 29 Oct 2016 - 15:02
Having a big VHS sale.

('s Stuff/VHS tapes 1.jpg)

('s Stuff/VHS tapes 2.jpg)

Any questions on them? PM me.

Edit: If the pictures are not showing, here's a list:

Fletcher Video of The Shark Hunter
Inter Ocean Video release of The Fall Of The Giants aka Battle Giants
HVM release of The Battle of El Alamein
Pegasus Home Video release of Captain Yankee and The Jungle Raiders aka Jungle Raiders
Greek VHS of Blazing Magnum
Greek VHS of Mafia Killer
Greek VHS release of Battle of The Desert
Greek VHS of Four Minutes for Four Billion (1976)
Video For Pleasure release of Battle Giants
Spanish release of Challenge of TheMackennas
Spanish release of Bullet for Sandoval (as Los Desperados)
Spanish release of The Left Hand Of The Law
Spanish VHS of The Big Chihuahua Treasure Hunt
Operation ThunderBolt
Australian Gold Seal release of Convoy Busters
Video Screen release of Heroes Without Glory
Japanese NSTC release of Covert Action,
and finally, a very elusive Spanish release of
Si Quieres Vivir... Dispara aka If You Shoot... You Live! (1975)

Also selling The Strong Uncut version of Hotel Paradise on DVD and
Kommissar X 05 remastered dvd (Kill Panther Kill!) : with English and German Language.