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 on: 27 Apr 2021 - 17:24 
Started by demented_uk - Last post by g053584398
I picked up the German Blu-ray of this one, back in January I think it was, and it definitely features the English track as one of the audio options.

I haven't ever seen the film before, so I have no idea if it features the same cut version as the Code Red disc or the fully uncut Italian version. In a review of the Code Red DVD on DVDbeaver the reviewer mentions that roughly 20 seconds of footage is missing from a sex scene between the park guard and his girlfriend. He also mentions that the actress is played by Christina Von Blanc, but that is incorrect because the park guard's girlfriend is played by another actress and there is no nudity in the scene at all before the murder takes place. Christina Von Blanc plays the role of another character and has a sex scene much later in the film, so I'm assuming that it is that scene that is trimmed in the US cut present of the Code Red disc.

 on: 27 Apr 2021 - 16:58 
Started by Inspector Tanzi - Last post by g053584398
I haven't seen the film since I watched the BCI DVD many years ago, but I did take a look at the Shout Factory Blu-ray a few weeks ago. I only skimmed through it, but the missing day-for-night filter scenes stuck out like a sore thumb.

Am I correct in thinking that some of the Shout Factory Naschy Blu-rays also have missing day-for-night tints?

 on: 27 Apr 2021 - 16:47 
Started by Paul - Last post by g053584398
Although I may be a little late to the party, I just wanted to say that the 88 Films Blu-ray offers superior video to the Raro. Grain is more prominent and is handled more effectively, since the compression is superior, and there is much more detail.

I've always enjoyed the film, as well as Mimsy Farmer's twitchy performance.

 on: 15 Apr 2021 - 15:10 
Started by IL COMMISSARIO - Last post by Russell22
Got the Blu-ray yesterday and so far have checked out the commentary track from Mike. Very good indeed, image quality for the main feature is decent. Not incredible but very good compared to what's been previously available.

Yes agreed mate; some of the comments about the quality of the transfer are ridiculous: Like you say, better than any previously released version and nice to get a shout out from Mike, as well as your good self, on his commentary  ;) :)

 on: 15 Apr 2021 - 15:06 
Started by Roy Munson - Last post by Russell22
There seems to be a wealth of Euro Crime films that have turned up on Amazon UK. Not sure whether they are all uncut or not so someone might be able to clarify. I've not had a chance to view any yet so not sure how good the quality is. These are the ones I have spotted so far:

Blood and Diamonds (1977):

Meet him and Die (1976):

Kidnap Syndicate (1975):

Fearless Fuzz (1978):

Play Cop (Anyone know what this one is?) :

From Corleone to Brooklyn (1979):

Shadows Unseen (1972):

Killer Cop (1975):

Shoot First, Die Later (1974):

Hired Gun (Go Gorilla Go - 1975):

Execution Squad (1972):

Day of the Owl (1968):

They Paid With Bullets Chicago 1929 (1969):

The New Godfathers (1979):

Hold Up (1974):

Terrorism It Could Happen Here (1977):

Silent Action (1975):

Looking forward to watching some of these as there are a few I've never seen.

There are a few that have been on Amazon for a while namely Violent Naples, The Cynic the Rat and the Fist and Manhunt in the City. If anyone notices any I've missed then add them to the list.

Nice list. I flicked through some of these a while back to see what the quality was like on them. Some appeared to be from VHS transfers, some DVD. There's also a couple of Mario Merola flicks with subs on there now too.

 on: 09 Apr 2021 - 11:57 
Started by IL COMMISSARIO - Last post by Jonny
Got the Blu-ray yesterday and so far have checked out the commentary track from Mike. Very good indeed, image quality for the main feature is decent. Not incredible but very good compared to what's been previously available.

 on: 08 Apr 2021 - 13:29 
Started by Vizzini - Last post by Inspector Tanzi
Glad to hear you enjoyed it.
Thanks to this BD release, in Italy this film is finally receiving its deserved appreciation, both online and on film magazines. It only took 60 years  :P
Cheers, Vizzini.

I'm actually glad seen it now and not years ago (even though wasn't available to do so), I probably wouldn't have appreciated it before. Like the first time I saw Salvatore Giuliano I thought was a boring but liked it years later.

 on: 06 Apr 2021 - 17:55 
Started by burningcity - Last post by djvaso
Does English subtitles exist for this film?
No, it doesn't as far as I know. I wonder why someone hasn't done translation since 2009. I do Italian transcription and timings for the whole movie although I'm at the level A2 in Italian. Could you proofread these subtitles? 

 on: 05 Apr 2021 - 13:24 
Started by Vizzini - Last post by Funktion
Glad to hear you enjoyed it.
Thanks to this BD release, in Italy this film is finally receiving its deserved appreciation, both online and on film magazines. It only took 60 years  :P

Please keep us updated regarding any English-friendly Italian releases you find.  :P

There's a lot of great titles available on BD or DVD in Italy, but sadly, the presence of English subtitles is rare (for older films; for recent ones, it depends on the label, but even for those I see less and less titles with English subtitles being released).
It's weird, for quite a few I even see the presence of French subtitles, but not English subtitles.  :o

 on: 02 Apr 2021 - 16:58 
Started by burningcity - Last post by Vizzini
Does English subtitles exist for this film?

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