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I must admit that I'm not a fan of Jess Franco. I've nodded off more than a few times whilst watching his films. Saying that though I've enjoyed the hell out of many of his movies, I love his take on 'Dracula' starring Chris Lee, plus I didn't zone out when I watched 'Venus in Furs'...

Jess Franco. This is the place to say how you feel.... No room here for personal bitching, lets try and be grown up about this please?

Stephen Grimes:
While he's mad some fairly dire movies(Zombie Lake,Oasis of the Zombies etc) he's also made some fantastic ones with fairly good budgets like Love Letters of a Portuguese Nun which is a classic,also Les Demons with it's witchburning and inquisition subject matter and the great Erotic Rites of Frankenstein.

It's unfortunate that most people judge him on a few poor Eurociné produced movies, which were better distributed -thus more easy to come by - during the 80s and 90s than his far more accomplished movies.

Luckily though with the advent of DVD, Franco has become the most represented director in the world on disc. His best stuff for me is that of the last Sixties and most of his Seventies output. There's just something about his movies that has me hooked.

I don't mind a bit of Jess.  Thought SHE KILLED IN ECSTASY and VAMPYROS LESBOS were class.  THE DEVIL CAME FROM AKASAVA and FLIGHT TO HELL weren't up there with the previous two but were good fun.    Oh and SADOMANIA is a sleazy as fuck WIP that in some parts has a spaghetti western vibe.  I haven't touched OASIS OF THE ZOMBIES....

I think the film that unites casual fans of Jess Franco with the hardcore affiliates is 'Sinner'

Everyone likes 'Sinner', it's got the 'Blue Phantom' soundtrack plus the delights of Anne Libert, Jaqueline Libert, Mona Proust...


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