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Author Topic: For A Few Dollars Less (Mario Mattoli, 1966)  (Read 3546 times)


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For A Few Dollars Less (Mario Mattoli, 1966)
« on: 06 Jul 2007 - 23:29 »

Although this movie is not quite how i envisioned its still mildly ntertaining.The main character Bill is a cowardly blabbermouth of a bank clerk who upon realising the bank books were out by a $100(a crime punishable by 40 years in jail!) he decides the only way to recuperate the money is to turn to robbery,bounty hunting etc so he adopts Eastwoods poncho etc but this is the only similarity to Clint because this very Italian looking actor is more annoying than cool.He is helped in his efforts by his cousin Frank(the Mortimor lookalike) who wears his gun across his crutch (instead of his chest) so the gun in its holster looks like a codpiece.To have a dig at Clints distaste for cheroots Frank is constantly trying unsuccessfully to get Bill to smoke them-Bill just keeps spitting them out.
This very inept duo of would be outlaw mess up in each attempt to rob while Bills bounty gradually rises and he ends up being caught and slung into jail where he meets Il Messicano(Indio) who conducts his gun duels by waiting for a musical box(with rotating ballerina) to stop which it never does and everyone falls asleep.
The film tries to lampoon many of the FAFDM scenes(the flashbacks involving Il Messicano turn out to be him kidnapping something which Frank lovingly caresses thoughout but turns out in the end to be a prize piglet!) but its a very hit and miss affair.
I'm not sure i should recommend this FAFDM parody-only as a curiousity item maybe.For the really funny stuff the Trinity films are in a totally diferent league.

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