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Crazy Desires Of a Murderer (Filippo Walter Ratti, 1976)

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aka I vizi morbosi di una governante

This looks like a very interesting giallo. People invited to a mansion are being offed by a killer who also collects their eyeballs. Any body have any specs on this title?

When I worked for Redemption we issued this on video - that was back in 1996. Sadly the BBFC insisted on 5s of cuts. Luckily I have an uncut version from the master tape  ;D

I should point out that this film sold very poorly.


Was it in Italian with subtitles in English??

Yes, an English dub was never prepared for this film.

I recently got a DVD-R of this and thought that a fan 16x9 remaster could be quite easy to produce.  :D


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