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Author Topic: Death Played The Flute (Angelo Pannaccio, 1972)  (Read 4108 times)

The Hunchback

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Death Played The Flute (Angelo Pannaccio, 1972)
« on: 07 Jul 2007 - 08:49 »


A good solid spaghetti. This is a really no nonsense brutal film in which the director waste no time by trying to make you laugh with a cutesy joke or two, he wants to get to the nitty gritty right from the get go.

Our hero Barton comes back home to find that his daughter has been raped and his wife murdered. He sets out to seek for the baddies that did his family wrong...only...there is one problem...he doesnt know what they look like.
He hires a shady flute playing gunslinger named Whistler who claims to know what the bad guys look like. What Barton doesnt know is that Whistler was involved in the murder/rape. We are never really given a reason as to why Whistler wants to help kill his old comrades..we just have to assume it was because he felt bad for the crime he witnessed, which the movie does set-up in the beginning, but it is rather vague.

I must say that Barton is the most useless spaghetti hero I have ever laid eyes on. The guy never once kills a member of the gang that raided his home. In fact...he only kills like two guys in a completly unrelated segment to the plot. The one who ends up avenging his wife's murder is Whistler. He kills all the members of the gang one by one and that sorta sets him up as the hero (even though he is a semi-baddie).
Barton never even finds out that Whistler was apart of the raiders...
The most unlikly of characters kills Whistler at the end ( I wont say who though).

The action scenes are sometimes bland but always entertaining.
The theme song is called "a man is made of love" which deserves to be shoved into a lesser movie like "shoot the living ,pray for the dead". The rest of the music is mostly suspense music that fits the movie well.
The direction is much like the action sequences...sometimes Bland but most of the time pretty dynamic and fun.

Whistler is a cool "Hero". He wears a neat leather duster and plays a flute which can shoot darts (ok fine. He uses it in one scene  ).
Unfortunatly he has the worst hair-do I have ever seen...even worse then Tony Anthony.
I sometimes mistook him for an Elvis impersonator.
And he has quite an annoying laugh , more of a nervous chuckle really.

overall a good entertaining obscure spaghetti that doesnt try to be something special.


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Unfortunately this is another one of several sw's i watched once ages ago but as Hunchback says i'm sure it was pretty bland,looking like it was shot on a zero budget,but the unusual elements add to the curiosity value of this movie.
The Elvis impersonating Whistler was very amusing i recall. ;D


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Re: Death Played The Flute (Angelo Pannaccio, 1972)
« Reply #2 on: 07 Jul 2007 - 15:45 »

Glad to see I wasn't the only one who thought he looked like Elvis (I think he's also in YOU ARE A TRAITOR AND I KILL YOU! looking suspiciously like the King  ;)) .  Like you've said it's a real low budget effort but I kind of think it works for the most part and I quite like the ending.
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