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Jens Thomsen:
Well, I'll start out. My name is Jens, and I am 34 years old. I live in Greater Copenhagen in Denmark, have been a member of the editorial staff of the Danish film magazine Mifune for 3-4 years and have just started to take some courses on the University of Copenhagen again.

I've been into giallo for years, I believe it started when I first read about the genre in a Danish fanzine around 1990. But I did not know about the Poliziescho films until recently, when some friends mentioned them. My first experiences were Revolver and Rabid Dogs, which I found quite entertaining (especially the latter), and I went on to buy the Blazing Magnums issue from Midnight Media. I just got my first order of films from Raro in Italy, including the great "trilogy" by Fernando di Leo, I love it and I just want more! ;)

Nice to * meet * you, Jens.

Nice one Jens! Welcome to the forum  :P

Howdy Jens  :P


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