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Author Topic: First Action Hero / Il Burattinaio (Nini Grassia, 1994)  (Read 2608 times)


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Just watched this via a $1 double feature disc put out by a shady company by the name of Digiview (it was paired with the bizarre Donald Pleasance film TRIAL BY COMBAT, aka CHOICE OF WEAPONS).  It's not the same disc as the one pictured above.  The quality is what you would expect for a $1 DVD from Wal-Mart...abysmal.  Looks like a bad VHS transfer sporting a poorly bowdlerized audio track; they didn't bother replacing curse words with euphemisms, they just muted every instance of vulgar language.  At least it's widescreen, and all of the violence is intact.

Fabio Testi is looking rather haggard in this one, and at times he reminds me of either Tommy Lee Jones or Sean Connery.  Testi plays a hot-heated cop in Miami who's been brought in to solve some crimes involving the local organized crime.  The plot is pretty convoluted and bizarre, seeing as Testi's character is romantically involved with the lawyer of one of the mob bosses, and presumably is the son of another!  This movie's got the typical rogue cop theme, with all of the requisite scenes of Testi being reprimanded by his higher ups for being such a loose cannon (and rightly so, as there are quite a few scenes of Testi executing wounded baddies lying on the floor).  Interspersed in all of this are scenes of men in funny masks with 90s submachine guns killing people in various public places, such as a funeral, an operating room, and a restaurant.  The film culminates in a ridiculous yet awesome scene set in a warehouse and rock quarry.  Testi runs around, with what appears to be a special Desert Eagle that need not be reloaded, shooting everyone in sight.  At one point he even drives a forklift while shooting everyone in sight.  If you watch closely you can see him firing his gun even though the chamber is visibly empty!  But the ludicrousness of such a faux pas is quickly forgotten once Testi tires of shooting foes and begins lobbing sticks of dynamite at them.

All in all a sub par late cycle Italian crime movie, with bad voice acting, but I still got some enjoyment out of it, particularly the final scene.
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