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Author Topic: Kid Vengeance (Directed by Joseph Manduke, 1977)  (Read 3668 times)

The Hunchback

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Kid Vengeance (Directed by Joseph Manduke, 1977)
« on: 09 Jul 2007 - 06:26 »

There are three Lee Van Cleef/ Jim Brown collaborations, this being the worst. The other two are the okay Margheriti film "Take a Hard Ride" and "El Condor". The latter being the best of the three (Worth searching for).

This film (Kid Vengeance)happens to be shot at the Canary Islands like it's sibling "Take a Hard Ride".

This one is the biggest peice of shit I have run across.

People bitch about "God's Gun" (to which this film shares a similarity because LVC and Garret are a team again) on a constant basis. These folks need to sit down, no, chained down and watch this one.

the premise is the same tired old plot of "revenge for slaughtered family" plotline only with a twist(unfortunatly not a good one) a child is the one seeking revenge for his family that was killed by outlaws. the outlaw gang is run by none other than Lee van cleef himself, and i sure as hell wish he didnt. this movie is an insult to his filmography. He looks like a deranged hippie who hasnt gotten laid since woodstock. Luckily he is underused in the film(normally that is a bad thing, but here..it aint.).
Child actor Lief Garret doesnt fair much better as the vengeance seeking little tyke. His role is to just look angry during his journey for justice and cry while his mom is being raped by Van cleef. Oh and I forgot to mention he is on the trail not only for revenge but to save his big sister, whom the bandits kidnapped to sell off to a slave labor camp.

now in its defense there are a few clever things that the kid does to exact his revenge. oh who am i kidding? he does one thing that was interesting. while one of the bandits are asleep the kid sneaks up to his boot and puts a snake in it. when the bandit wakes up he puts the boot on and OUCH! One dead bandit. Intreresting killings that could have saved the film from being an utter disgrace END HERE.
anyway, along the way the kid meets up with Jim Brown and he decides to help the kid upon his quest for some reason(i dont know why though, i am sure there was a good valid reason for it, but at this point we're an hour into the film and I was half asleep). there is nothing to criticize Jim Brown about here, because he doesnt do much of anything to praise or criticize. there isnt much more to say here. I could make a list with 100 reasons why this film sucks but what is the point? you know it sucks, I know it sucks. nuff said. this is for sure the top five worst spaghetti westerns out there. dont waste your time.

remember i watch this trite, so you dont have to. 



also: Be mindful this title is also called "Take ANOTHER Hard Ride" (to fool the public into thinking it's a sequel and worth watching).


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Re: Kid Vengeance (Directed by Joseph Manduke) (1977)
« Reply #1 on: 09 Jul 2007 - 06:50 »

I rate this as the worst of the 100+ SW's I have on DVD.  The two other SW’s in my top three over the worst SW’s are “Take a hard ride” and “Aquasanta Joe”


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Re: Kid Vengeance (Directed by Joseph Manduke, 1977)
« Reply #2 on: 09 Jul 2007 - 22:30 »

I've had a dvd of this sitting on my "unwatched shelf" for about a year now and its doubtful i'll ever gather the courage to sit through this after witnessing previous sw attrocities like BOOT HILL,GODS GUN,CAN BE DONE AMIGO.

Entertainment value of 1? Now thats scary. :)
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