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Stephen Grimes:
What's everyones favorite Eurocult books and magazines?
Bloodbuster's 220 page Italian crime review book CINICI INFAMI E VIOLENTI is amazing and has yet to be beaten,Italian language only but an essential reference guide.
CINE 70 is also Italian language but is filled with reviews of the most obscure Italian b-movies from the 70's and some great interviews and posterart,currently on #10 which features an Agostina Belli(Revolver,Night of the Devils etc)interview.
There's also the Midnight Media publications including their regular review guide IS IT UNCUT and their specials like BLAZING MAGNUMS and the GIALLO SCRAPBOOK,great.

In addition to the ones you've already mentioned I also recommend Adrian Luther-Smiths essential Giallo reference guide 'Blood & Black Lace'.

Gary B.:
I'll add IMMORAL TALES.  It covers in great detail the films and background of Jess Franco and Jean Rollin among others, and has turned me on to a number of great films.

That's the third cover i've seen for that book, it must sell okay. I've got the first issue with the red border.

The Glittering Images Western 'All Italiana books are essential.  Full of poster art, lobby cards and contains reviews and plot summaries for each film covered.  Really great stuff.


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