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Author Topic: Fifteen Scaffolds For The Killers (Nunzio Malasomma, 1968)  (Read 3086 times)


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Original Italian Title: Quindici forche per un assassino

Directed by Nunzio Malasomma,the 15 men for which the scaffolds are intended comprise of two rival gangs of horse rustlers,one headed by Billy Mack(Craig Hill) the other by Castle(George Martin).Whilst these two gangs(initially at odds with each other) are working out a rustling scam,three women owners of a ranch they are resting at are murdered.A large group of vigilantes from the nearby town are quick to jump to conclusions about who's guilty and are quickly on the trail of the rustlers who having kidnapped the  pastors wife head for the Mexican border for safety.But they only get as far as Fort Tortuga,abandoned by the army several years ago but is now home to a community of Macks peon friends.

Unfortunately for Mack and co,the vigilantes(including Aldo Sambrel playing the usual short tempered nasty) manage to track and beseige the rustlers in the fort.What follows is a series of skirmishes in and out of the fort where the rustlers are gradually being reduced in numbers,and the ruthless vigilantes carry out their intention of hanging some of the rustlers they've managed to kill even though they're dead.

Inside the fort tensions are getting towards breaking between Mack and Castle both of whom have become infatuated with the headstrong but alluring pastors wife(Susy Anderson).They are running out of men,food and even their horses.Outside the vigilantes are falling out too with the sheriff insisting on giving the rustlers a fair trial obviously much to the Sambrels distaste.

While all this is going on there is continuous speculation as to the identity of the killer which disappointingly is pretty much given away only an hour into the movie.In fact the whole movie's a bit of a letdown with there being a lack of a decent gun duel,and the action including mainly minor shoot outs is strictly run of the mill.Francesco De Masi's musical score is adequate.

Craig Hill and George Martin both put in good performances here but overall this sw is only average at best. :-*
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