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Author Topic: 7 Guns For the MacGregors / Sette pistole per i MacGregor (Franco Giraldi, 1965)  (Read 2755 times)


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Early example of a western comedy about a family of Scottish settlers who sell horses for a living. When a herd of their steeds are stolen, the sons go after the thieves. Much action ensues and a siege on a fort brings the film to a close.

Robert Wood is the head son Gregor MacGregor and he and his brothers go about getting into all manner of trouble as they search for the horse thieves. There's a pretty good throw down in a saloon and the finale is a hoot.

The comedy is quite humorous particularly during the opening when a bandit gang waits for the young Macgregor’s to leave before attacking the oldsters only to find they’re more formidable than first thought with their superior firepower. The sons then ride back to help. During the finale, the old folks come to the rescue to save the sons.

More in the American style but features some Corbucciesque style blackly humorous violence involving a supporting role from Fernando Sancho. The scene in question involves the Mexican gang dragging a captive through a fire while Sancho proclaims how weak the Americans are with their inability to take pain!

A very early example of a comedic western. There were others that followed in its wake, including the first sequel and Castellari's ANY GUN CAN PLAY but the actual genre of comedy western did not take hold until the release of THEY CALL ME TRINITY.

The soundtrack from Morricone is again, very memorable. It's quite bomastic and was instrumental in my tracking the movie down. A big hit in Italy and modestly so in America. The remastered DVD from Italy has an english track but about six minutes in, the sound is off by a couple of seconds for approximately three minutes. There is also a fullscreen greek dupe floating around.

Followed by a funny and bigger budgeted sequel.


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Yes a brilliant early comedy sw. ::)

This probably has the edge over the sequel,Up The Gregors(Seven Women For The McGregors) mainly because the excellent Robert Woods was replaced by someone else as Gregor. :)
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