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I don't know if this has been touched upon, but is there any sort of list/database of people who did the English-language dubbing for Italian films?

The only name and voice I know is Nick Alexander (who dubbed Al Cliver in ZOMBIE FLESHEATERS). Who, for example, is the chap responsible for dubbing Jack Hedley (Lt. Fred Williams) in THE NEW YORK RIPPER? - his voice is nearly always used as the cop investigating giallo murders!

This has been touched upon in different threads but it seems a good idea to have it's own dedicated thread.

Here's a list I put together a couple of years ago. It's the voice actors/actresses that dubbed various people in films. It's not fully up to date so if anyone has anything to add to the list here's the place to post the info!

Nick Alexander - Al Cliver
Frank von Kuegelgen - Paolo Malco, Carlo DeMejo, Udo Kier, Brett Halsey, Tomas Milian, Maurizio Merli
Michael Forest - Maurizio Merli, Luc Merenda, Fabio Testi
Edward Mannix - Bud Spencer
Sonia De Dominicis - Edwige Fenech
Ted Rusoff - George Eastman, Gabriele Tinti
Carolyn De Fonseca - Rosalba Neri, Jayne Mansfield, Margaret Lee, Cristina Airoldi, Florinda Bolkan, Daria Nicolodi, Barbara Magnolfi, Anita Ekberg, Mariangela Giordano, Dagmar Lassander.
John Gayford - George Hilton, Philippe Leroy
Susan Spafford - Edwige Fenech, Olga Karlatos, Alexandra Delli Colli, Louise Marleau, Annie Belle, Evelyn Newton, Fiamma Maglione
Robert Spafford - Serafino Profumo, Luciano Pigozzi, Adolfo Celi
Pat Starke - Sherry Buchanan, Antonella Interlenghi, Zora Kerova, Laura Trotter, Lorraine de Selle, Elvire Audray, Barbara De Rossi
Silvia Faver - Stefania Casini, Edwige Fenech, Tina Aumont, Cristina Galbo
Tony Russel - Franco Nero
Penny Brown - Almanta Suska, Maria Romano, Valentine Monnier

There's also a great interview with Nick Alexander on the site courtesy of Jay Slater...

Part 1

Part 2

Inspector Tanzi:
And for the other way around Enrico Maria Salerno dubbed Clint Eastwood's voice into Italian for the Leone movies, not sure about the rest though.

Thanks for the response and link to the Nick Alexander interview - I remember reading it in the Dark Side...must be 10 years ago now (where does the time go?).

Alexander's voice is most distinctive - in fact, so much so that I was a little confused while watching WHAT HAVE THEY DONE TO OUR DAUGHTERS (SPOILERS) since he seemed to dub several secondary characters as well as the killer - creating a few red-herrings that were supposedly unintentional! (END SPOILERS).

I think Edward Mannix was the chap I was referring to in my last post. He dubs the voice for both main policemen in DEATH CARRIES A CANE and SEVEN BLOOD-STAINED ORCHIDS, which I watched back-to-back last night.

As a part of the filmmaking process I've always found the idea of post-synchronised dialogue to be a fascinating part of the production process. Has anyone read (now Sir) Christopher Frayling's book on Spaghetti Westerns? Essential reading, for anyone who hasn't.

Johan Melle:

--- Quote from: bronxwarriors1990 on 11 Sep 2008 - 17:12 ---I think Edward Mannix was the chap I was referring to in my last post. He dubs the voice for both main policemen in DEATH CARRIES A CANE and SEVEN BLOOD-STAINED ORCHIDS, which I watched back-to-back last night.

--- End quote ---

Yeah, that's Mannix, who I think had a great tough guy voice that made him ideal to dub seasoned police inspectors and the like. He dubbed Bud Spencer in several films and also did a lot of anime. One of my favorites among his dubbing work is his rather brief part doing the voice of the cop who catches Ian McCulloch and Tisa Farrow aboard the boat in ZOMBIE - going "same old story, eh?" Love that part! He also did Robert Kerman in CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST and CANNIBAL FEROX, Sacha Pitoëff in INFERNO, Francisco Rabal in NIGHTMARE CITY, Donal O'Brien in ZOMBI HOLOCAUST, Paul Smith in PIECES, Vic Morrow in THE BRONX WARRIORS etc. He's one of the all-time greats IMO.

And I really enjoyed that Nick Alexander interview! I don't read The Dark Side so I was new to this one. I have, however, read interviews with him in both Jay's Eaten Alive book and also in the Profondo Argento book. All very enjoyable! He seemed like a great guy with plenty of interesting stories, and I'm sad he's no longer with us.

Like you point out, bronxwarriors1990, Alexander often dubs tiny, secondary characters. I guess this was because he was more interested in directing and organizing the dubbing than in doing voices. However, I've really enjoyed the films where he dubbed bigger parts.
In addition to his Al Cliver dubs, I fondly remember him dubbing the following:

Romano Puppo in STREET LAW (1974)
Antonio Casale in SILENT ACTION (1975) and SYNDICATE SADISTS (1975)
Gianni Dei in THE LAST ROUND (1976)
Robert Hundar in THE CYNIC, THE RAT, THE FIST (1977)
Vincenzo Crocitti in TO BE TWENTY (1978)
Biagio Pelligra in FROM CORLEONE TO BROOKLYN (1979)
Gino Milli in TERROR EXPRESS (1979)
The guy who plays 'Cliff' in ALIEN 2 – ON EARTH (1980)
Ennio Girolami in THE LAST SHARK (1981)
Rocco Lerro in 1990: THE BRONX WARRIORS (1982)
Maurizio Merli in NOTTURNO (1982)
Suleyman Turhan in ARK OF THE SUN GOD (1983)
Ivan Rassimov in RAIDERS OF THE ATLANTIS (1983)
Franco Trevisi in PHENOMENA (1985)
Stelio Candelli in DEMONS (1985)
Lamberto Bava in DEMONS 2 (1986)
Gordon Mitchell in BLOOD DELIRIUM (1988)
Daniele Aldrovani (the Marty Feldman lookalike) in DINNER WITH A VAMPIRE (1988)

Can anyone think of any other big roles dubbed by Nick Alexander?


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