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Author Topic: What? / Che? (Roman Polanski, 1972)  (Read 16864 times)


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Re: What? / Che? (Roman Polanski, 1972)
« Reply #15 on: 21 Nov 2008 - 11:08 »

The DVD released by Swedish company Studios has the opening credits etc in English.


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Re: What? / Che? (Roman Polanski, 1972)
« Reply #16 on: 01 Dec 2008 - 11:31 »

Hi!  I was asked on the 'Giordano Bruno' link what other films I had dubbed in Rome and elsewhere...  My connection to Polanski's 'Che?/What?' was very special.  I worked with Marcello Mastroiani on his script (happy mornings and afternoons locked away in a back room at The Shenker Institute in via Sistina).  I was engaged to coach him, but we soon got into the process of playing all the scenes together (he told me my Hugh Griffiths' take off was more outrageous than the original).  however, that meant that HE had blank periods while I read character after character... so very soon we changed the format: the real turning point came with the battle over who should read/play Sidne Rome! Anyway, the last week we spent together before he set off down the Amalfi Coast, we concentrated on the Marcello-Sidne scenes, which is how I ended up playing Marcello for a week, while he got under the skin of Sidne.  That was the only time we worked directly together, but we overlapped and met several times over the years... He had a very protective housekeeper - 'Che?' was before Chiara's birth and ongoing nosiness about Mme Deneuve - who barred the property to reporters and the odd paparazzo; yet when he and I bumped into each other at the Piazza del Popolo end of via del Corso people passed us by without giving him a second glance... a nice man. javascript:void(0);
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