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Author Topic: Cattivi pensieri / Who Mislaid My Wife? (Ugo Tognazzi, 1976)  (Read 19342 times)


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Not a bad comedy starring Edwige Fenech and Ugo Tognazzi, who also directed. Luc Merenda pops up as a playboy without many lines but we do see him frolicking around full frontal naked at one point, with a naked Edwige - lucky sod!

Though only made in 1976 it's from the era where Edwige had a shortish hair cut that made her kind of older looking, she was about 28 at this time and the hair cut gives her an older milf'ish quality that stirs my loins something rotten!  :-\

The film is full of odd fantasy moments where Tognazzi's character has visions of his wife (Edwige) in strange sexual situations - he's convinced she's cheating on him and makes up these situations at every turn. One sees Edwige swimming naked in a swimming pool with a bunch of guys who have large erections...

Only noticed this today but when all the guys dive into the pool with Edwige one o them jumps in holding his nose! What a pussy! If I were diving into a pool with a naked Edwige Fenech I'd certainly do my best, most manliest dive possible...

Gotta love the goth style photo shoot in this one too...

Only copy I have is the Alfa Digital bootleg, has a Lumiere logo at the start so I'm guessing it's from a European DVD source? Quality of the Alfa disc is a bit ropey, not a very good PAL to NTSC conversion.

Released on VHS in the UK as 'Who Mislaid My Wife'


Michael Blanton

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Wow!   Tinto Brass would be proud of the hard-ons in the swimming pool scene.  :-\
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