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Author Topic: $5000 on th Ace (Alfonso Balcazar, 1965)  (Read 2624 times)


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$5000 on th Ace (Alfonso Balcazar, 1965)
« on: 15 Jul 2007 - 15:39 »

Now i watched this newbie in not the best of circumstances,as not only is my copy a washed out,filthy and scratched pan and scan print with foreign subtitles ,but also the audio kept intermittently switching mid sentence from English to Spanish and back again.But luckily the storyline is straightforward so i got the general gist.

In a card game Jeff Clayton(Robert Woods) wins half of a ranch,but while on route to claim his prize he is robbed of his horse and money by Mexican bandit Carrancio(Fernando Sancho).He eventually makes it to the ranch only to find himself made very unwelcome by disbelieving siblings David and Helen Greenwood.So in an attempt to sell/offload his share,Clayton goes into town where he encounters town tyrant Jimmy Nero(Helmut Scmid) and gang and following another winning hand Claytons life is narrowly saved by none other than his old acquaintance Carrancio.It turns out that Jimmy Nero has been intimidating thr Greenwoods to sell their ranch,and once Clayton and Carranchio intercede things turn very nasty indeed.

Despite the obvious viewing problems this one isn't too bad even though its pretty much run of the mill stuff.Woods as usual is in good form and together with the not wholly trustworthy Sancho character ,its an entertaining duo.Whip-yielding bullyboy Nero is an excellent villain and the action and shoot outs are reasonably handled.

My rating 5 out of 10.  :-X
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