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Author Topic: Adieu l'ami / Farewell, Friend (Jean Herman, 1968)  (Read 3482 times)


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I watched this one again via the widescreen UK disc and I liked it a lot. Its been like 20 years since I had seen it as a kid. The print quality looked pretty good for a 40-year old movie. And certainly looked beautiful compared to the unwatchable Greek disc I had tried to view. Does the US disc look better?


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Re: Adieu l'ami / Farewell, Friend (Jean Herman, 1968)
« Reply #1 on: 21 Jan 2009 - 01:52 »

This is from a thread on Alain Delon films from Lionsgate.  :-X (see link below for the entire thread)

Dunno if this has been posted elsewhere on the site (it's not exactly arthouse, I know), but Lionsgate has also put out the Delon/Bronson film HONOR AMONG THIEVES on disc in the U.S.

Another Bronson film from them is SOMEONE BEHIND THE DOOR.

Both of these have been out on myriad budget DVDs, so it's good to have decent transfers.

The anamorphic 1.66:1 transfer on Lionsgate's HONOR AMONG THIEVES is gorgeous, especially compared to what was available before.  ::) However, HONOR AMONG THIEVES aka ADIEU L'AMI would definitely play better in French, but Lionsgate's release only has an English track.  :-[

The film takes place in Paris and Bronson is supposed to be a former French Foreign Legionnaire, so he should speak fluent French, albeit with an accent. The film's English track is a bit jarring and some of the translations like a doll saying "papa gone" when her string is pulled, when it's more likely something like "daddy go bye-bye" is a bit awkward.

Though a friend and I, whom I also work with, and who borrowed the disc from me after I saw it, were walking past each other at work a few weeks ago saying "Papa Gone!"  :-\ 

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Re: Adieu l'ami / Farewell, Friend (Jean Herman, 1968)
« Reply #2 on: 22 Jan 2009 - 22:03 »

Fantastic film imho - for some strange reason I really like 'closed room' situations - POSSIBLE SPOILER and there's nothing like being trapped in a vault to aid characterisation. The direction is excellent, with really interesting framing and some great editing - typical of the late '60's crime flicks - complementing it well. I have the Cinema Club disc, and having watched several 85 minute VHS copies of the film (which completely eradicated the stylish editing and photography) I really couldn't be happier. It would certainly be nice to see it in French, though at least both the leading stars dub themselves. All in all one of my favourite French crime flicks - if only Cinema Club could have released some vintage Belmondo too...

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