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Author Topic: The Loreley's Grasp / Las garras de Lorelei ( Amando de Ossorio, 1974)  (Read 39100 times)

Inspector Tanzi

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Looking at the new Blu from Scream and it looks pretty much exactly like the German Blu.
A shit master for sure.
Doesn't the BCI DVD look better than the German Blu?

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Only in the sense that the BCI has proper day for night tints. 
The German & Scream do not.

I just took a good look,
the DVD might appear better looking on medium / small monitors,
but it's pretty close to a draw. 
There just is no more detail in there, its a crap scan and DNR'd hard.
The colors do look pretty good  :'(

the blob

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It's at Caps-a-holic and the Scream at least doesn't have the horrible combing that the German has. It also has English subs so it looks to be the best now until a new scan is done, if that ever happens.


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I haven't seen the film since I watched the BCI DVD many years ago, but I did take a look at the Shout Factory Blu-ray a few weeks ago. I only skimmed through it, but the missing day-for-night filter scenes stuck out like a sore thumb.

Am I correct in thinking that some of the Shout Factory Naschy Blu-rays also have missing day-for-night tints?

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