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Author Topic: Ann och Eve - de erotiska / Ann & Eve (1970, Arne Mattsson)  (Read 3880 times)

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Don't be fooled by the topless Marie Liljedahl image that is used all over the Danish/Swedish DVD cover, this is certainly not a sexploitation film, although it does start off in promising territory with Liljedahl playing the naive young girl Eve (no surprises there!) who is on a trip with the older Ann who recommends she try sleeping with a lot of men. The pair end up shacking up with some fishermen on a boat, but in a scene so dark that you can't tell what is going on.

They then attend some sort of sex party where a woman sings a very long song before promising to teach Eve about lesbian sex - things get promising when Eve is stripped and lays on a big bed surrounded by women, but then director Arne Mattsson decides that he hates you and so filters the rest of the scene through a blur filter so you only get a tease of what is going on. The same thing happens with another sex scene, while the final insult is a sex scene between Eve and four men in the back of a truck that looks straight out of the Joe D'Amato playbook, but which Mattsson cuts away from before anything really happens.

Then things start to get very weird as the storyline that Mattsson obviously wanted to shoot, which starts as a minor subplot, becomes the main focus of the film. Something to do with film critics hounding a director and causing him to become depressed. Things get very surreal until the film finally ends.

If you just want to see Marie Liljedahl in the buff, then this is not the film to watch (probably the two Harry Alan Towers films she was in are best for this). However, if you like strange and obscure cinema, this must certainly rank up there. There is an identical DVD release from AWE in Denmark and Studio S in Sweden. Picture quality is not tops, but always watchable and English audio with optional subtitles. Even the special features (including a scan of the original press booklet) are in English.

Some pictures and more detail in my new review - Ann och Eve - de erotiska
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