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Law and Order (Les Blair, 1978)

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Inspector Tanzi:
Fantastic hard hitting crime drama, each of the four episodes looks at the going's on from different perspectives, the Detective, The Solicitor, The Criminal and the Prisoner.

For those that haven't seen it and enjoyed such 70's stuff as The Sweeney, Gangsters, The Hanged Man and Out couldn't do wrong seeking it out.

I lent my one to Stephen and he thoroughly enjoyed it also.

Hugely controversial "factional drama" originally shown in 1978, in four parts; each from a different point of view - the Metropolitan Police, the criminal, the solicitor and the prison system.

Unseen on TV since its original transmission, this cult drama has now been beautifully restored and is available to buy on DVD for the first time in 30 years. A vivid portrayal of a murky 1970s world of bent coppers, crooked lawyers, grasses and career criminals.

The series was groundbreaking in both its style and its damning portrayal of corruption in the British legal system. The British Police had never been portrayed like this before on TV. The central premise of the drama claimed that the police and the criminals portrayed were not actually that different in terms of the way they operated.

The series caused a massive storm when broadcast on the BBC; the switchboards were jammed for hours with irate callers. Questions were asked in the House of Parliament concerning the issues raised by the programme.

Trivial fact: The cockney criminal slang in this Law and Order was so authentic that the Radio Times Magazine had to provide a glossary

Stephen Grimes:

--- Quote from: Inspector Tanzi on 04 Jan 2011 - 18:45 ---I lent my one to Stephen and he thoroughly enjoyed it also.

--- End quote ---
So good i watched 3 times.A cracking little cockney crime drama,very gritty and most importantly for me very believable.

Wow! Didn't know it was out on dvd. I'll be ordering this pronto  :-X

Stephen Grimes:
Peter Dean really is great as the villain Jack Lynn.A bit of a shame that he'll probably always be remembered for being Ian Beale's dad in Eastenders instead of his part in this classic.

Been watching this over the last couple of nights and thought it was excellent. Totally absorbing and with terrific performances all round.

The 70s really were a golden age for tv cop shows.


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