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Author Topic: The Killer is on the Phone (Alberto de Martino, 1972)  (Read 3076 times)


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aka L'assassino... è al telefono

An English actress in Belgium thinks she is losing her mind, meanwhile, she is being stalked by an American Hit-man... I was desperate to see this film for years, imagining rainy Ostend locations, glossy camerawork, bloody murders, then I saw the film.... Anne Heywood (real name Violet Pretty..beauty contestant, married to film producer Raymond Stross), had the knack of picking terrible projects,; she does a few nude scenes, I think any actress would have struggled with this role. The plot does'nt make sense, (4 writers worked on it, maybe they were in different continents...), Stelvio Cipriani's score is not bad, good bass line, the camerawork by Aristide Massasessi is good, Telly Savalas plays the hit-man, wearing a Dr.Evil Nehru jacket and playing with his switchblade; one of the other bad guys, is played by the bearded actor from "DJANGO KILL" (who gets shot in the head by the wagon wheel). Theres a good "cheat" scene, when a murder occurs and the camera moves out to reveal we are in a theatre watching a play, this is one of those gialli like "TWO FACES OF TERROR" + "THE KNIFE OF ICE", where the dictates of the plot mean the filmmakers cant squeeze much violence or killings into the plot; (theres a good bit of "buisness", when Savalas burns the bearded guys beard( for real!). I like this film,(5th viewing last night),the version i have is the Swedish video release, it received a British cinema release in the 70s...did'nt spot Carla Mancini (joke)
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