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Author Topic: Cave of Forgotten Dreams 3D (2010, Werner Herzog)  (Read 2943 times)

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A Herzog film in 3D, who thought we would ever see the day?

A exploration of a recently discovered cave system in Southern France which contains paintings made some 30,000 years ago and which is so untouched that original footprints still remain in the dust on the cave floor. As a result, access is strictly limited in the cave and this film provides the closest the general public are ever likely to get.

The cave paintings are stunning and Herzog's use of 3D really helps to emphasise the textures of the cave and the way that the paintings wrap around the walls. With the exception of one scene with someone demonstrating spear throwing, he does not use any gimmicks in the format but just uses it subtly to bring the cave to life. As you would expect from a Herzog documentary he narrates it himself and has a typically eccentric bunch of interview subjects. Another stunning Ernst Reijseger score provides a fitting background.

I strongly recommend if you want to see this, go and see it at a cinema playing it in 3D, while it would no doubt be interesting as a flat print, it becomes a real work of art in 3D. Saw it at the Bradford Media Museum cinema and their 3D glasses have the most absurdly narrow nose bridge, really painful to wear for long periods.
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Re: Cave of Forgotten Dreams 3D (2010, Werner Herzog)
« Reply #1 on: 11 Apr 2011 - 08:33 »

I visited a cave in Southern France with prehistoric paintings about 7 years ago. Great experience, i'll be catching this!
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Re: Cave of Forgotten Dreams 3D (2010, Werner Herzog)
« Reply #2 on: 12 Apr 2011 - 13:56 »

I saw this last week in 3D, and would thoroughly recommend it aswell. Some very funny Herzog narration at the end involving Albino Alligators and Nuclear reactors. The Cave itself is amazing aswell - very beautiful, and sophisticated paintings.
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