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Author Topic: La notte pazza del conigliaccio / A Rabbit on the Run (Alfredo Angeli, 1967)  (Read 2168 times)

Stephen Grimes

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Aka The Strange Night
Anyone else seen this obscure and very enjoyable comedy-drama starring Enrico Maria Salerno,Massimo Serato,Ettore Manni and Lydia Alfonsi?
The print currently circulating is Italian language with English subs,fairly good quality as well.

Here's the synopsis from the Movietime on-line catalogue:
Aldo is a normal middle class man who spends a boring summer in the city while his family is away on vacation. The night before they return Aldo decides to live it up. He meets a pretty girl and takes her to his home. While he is in the kitchen preparing drinks a shot goes off. Debra has killed herself. Aldo is shattered. He wonders how he'll ever face his family, his relatives, neighbors, co-workers. He wanders around all night and meets all sort of different people: a priest, a thief, a waiter, a test pilot; good and bad, each with his own story.


Luca Canali

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Thanks for the heads up on this one Stephen. Really like Salerno and remember looking into this film a year or two back but was unable to locate a copy.
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